Are Hemp and Marijuana the Same Plants?

A common misconception among those who are new to the world of cannabis is identifying hemp as marijuana and vice versa. In fact, one of the few things that connect these two is the same parent. Take a look at the classification below so that you never take marijuana for hemp: Cannabis – this term […]

Tips On How To Consume Cannabis Responsibly.

Cannabis is a drug that is currently being legalized for medicinal and recreational use in some countries. Cannabis contains more than 400 chemicals, including dozens of cannabinoids and terpenes. Getting the right amount of each chemical can have a big impact on a person’s experience. If you’re going to consume cannabis, it’s important to understand […]

A Quick Look at the Pros and Cons of Cannabis Use


Cannabis, also called marijuana or weed, has been used for centuries for both medical and recreational purposes. It is now legalized in some states for medicinal use. The pros of cannabis are that it helps reduce anxiety, depression, suppresses pain, reduces muscle spasms, improves sleep quality, may be able to cure cancer cells. Ongoing research […]

10 Quick Tips for Growing Marijuana at Home: The Simple and Easy Guide.


As a recreational drug, marijuana is a hot topic these days. It’s the most commonly used drug in the United States and has been around for decades! Marijuana use has been legalized in several US states and countries around the world, including Canada. In some places, it’s not just for medical purposes. Growing your own […]